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An Unresolved Question: To what extent do I need to try to eradicate craving, and to what extent do I need to just carry on practicing, thus letting it fall away naturally? Bacon Sandwich

This issue remains unresolved for me. Maybe because some cravings are deeply held – e.g. for approval, or affection – that I don’t even know where to begin in tackling them and want to believe that they will fall away naturally as I mature spiritually. Maybe also because some ‘cravings’ have seemed easy to give up – meat, for example, is something that I still do crave from time to time but I can sit with that and, mostly, manage to keep away. Sometimes I don’t, and I ‘m quite relaxed about that – again because I feel I can trust my practice to do the work for me. So there needs to be willpower about practicing, to keep that persistent – but if practice is solid then is there any need to really work hard on specific areas? Surely they will just cease to be an issue at the time when they cease to be an issue. Like alcohol, which is no longer something I crave, because my entire reaction to it has changed, from seeing it as a pleasurable and probably harmless activity to something which is not enjoyable and interferes with my mindfulness.
I sense myself going around and about the topic so I will stop, but this remains unresolved.

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